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A member of AHRAN GROUP of companies

AHRAN TEJARAT was established in 1981, as an importer and distributor of pharmaceuticals products for the purpose of assisting the Iranian healthcare industry by importing and supplying the new innovative products to the Iranian territory. At present we are representing reputable multinational companies around the globe.


A member of AHRAN GROUP companies

GOCHAI is the oldest member of Ahran Group of companies, active in manufacturing of herbal products to provide unique products from the mother nature.


A member of AHRAN GROUP companies

FARNOUSH DAROU TEB a member of Ahran Group of companies has activity in importation and marketing of pharmaceutical products, in licensed and under licensed manufacturing of products in different treatment segments in collaboration with their highly reputable partners from North America, Europe and Asia in the field of Orthopedic, Gynecology, Urology, Nephrology, C.N.S and Supplement.


A member of AHRAN GROUP companies

KIMIARA HERAM was established in 2005. They have endeavored to capture and hold a leadership position in the business with strong, sustainable performance based upon continuous cooperation with the very bests in the field. the long-term accomplishment is founded on meeting the expectations of our shareholders, their clients, their business partners, and their employees.


A member of AHRAN GROUP companies

KOUSHAM PHARMED is a private company with expertise of importing and manufacturing pharmaceutical products based on the need of the Iranian Pharmaceutical industry.


A member of AHRAN GROUP companies

VIRALIAN is a pharmaceutical company, involved in importing, contract manufacturing and marketing of products from the most reputable manufacturers in the world.


A member of AHRAN GROUP companies

AANI DARMAN Pharmaceutical Company as one of the providers of human drugs and dietary supplements in maintaining social and human values and providing all stakeholders in the health system, through the establishment of efficient and effective management systems, development of new products and capable human resources It remains a step towards constructive role-playing and sustainable development.


A member of AHRAN GROUP companies

KARAMAD TERANIK Medical Corporation (KTN) was established in 2015, providing various medical and hospital equipment. KTN is active in the distribution and sales of medical products to improve the country's health level. They have been able to cover the whole country with their services and develop distributor networks in different provinces.


A member of AHRAN GROUP companies

MEHR DAROU, a local pharmaceutical manufacturing company, in which the 25% of the shares were acquired with the aim of expanding our facilities to play a role in contribution to our community while returning value to our shareholders.



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